Red Wine

Já voltei da aula de dúvidas, uff, por hoje acabou o stress e vamos para a partyy! O meu look de hoje foi o que vos vou mostrar, simples, confortável e quentinho!

Espero que gostem

I returned from class, uff,  for today it is enough with stress and let's go partyy! My look today is what I will show you, simple, comfortable and warm!

Hope you enjoy

Da ich aus der Klasse und zu Hause angekommen bin, uff,

für Heute kein Stress mehr und partyy machen! Mein Aussehen ist heute, was ich Euch zeigen werde, einfach, komfortabel und warm!

Hoffe Ihr moegt es!



4 comentários

  1. gorgeous! would love if you check my blog out xxx

    1. thanks Sophie, i've checked you're blog, loved it! I've joined ;)


  2. So simple and so pretty!!!

    Following you now on GFC! Hope you can do the same :)
    The Fashion Commoner